21 Jul“Durrrr Challenge: Dwan advantage increases to 1.75 Million dollars

Patrik Antonius lost again in a session against “durrr” in the tables of Full Tilt Poker. It’s ten past eleven defeats in clashes with Tom “durrr” Dwan. This time he played 364 hands in just over an hour. Code Bonus Titan Poker Antonius lost $ 342,157 in this session. Right now, leads the challenge Dwan, with $ 1,755,708 of profit, and 16 758 left hands to play. Antonius must earn an average of $ 104.77 per hand, or 27bb/100 to win the duel read more.


Dwan took two of the three boats of six figures of the session, including the biggest of them. Dwan started betting $ 1,200, and ends up calling a 5-Antonius bet to $ 32,400. The flop is 9-Clubs) ((3-Diamonds-Clubs) (2). With $ 64,800 in the pot, the two players to raise, creating a total pot of $ 213,785. Antonius has (a-Diamonds-Hearts) (k) (k-Clubs-Hearts) (6), overpair, and Dwan (a-Clubs) (9-Hearts) (7-Hearts) (4-Clubs), top pair color and design. The turn is (7-Spades), and gives two pair “durrr” and the j-Hearts) (of the river, gives the hand. titan-poker

Antonius is claimed responsibility for winning a pot of about $ 185,000. The hand is similar to the previous 5-bet preflop and the flop is (Q-Spades) (7-Clubs) (6-Clubs). Antonius made the continuation bet the pot size, and Dwan pay for something less. Dwan teaches) (a-Diamonds-Diamonds (8) (9-Hearts-Spades) (10), with several straight draws. Antonius shows K-Spades) ((k-Hearts) (9-Clubs) (8-Spades), overpair and stairs to double tip. This time, the kings of Antonius endure, and takes the pot of $ 184,790. search for poker in google